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Join the Justice Ministry Network

PEACE is seeking interns!  If you are passionate about justice, consider a career in congregation-based community organizing.

If you are interested in getting your congregation involved, please call the PEACE office at 863-888-2534 to set up a meeting with a staff member.

The primary way in which people get involved in the work of PEACE is through the Justice Ministry in their congregations. PEACE member congregations are accepting the challenge of working towards turning out their average worship attendance to the once-a-year Nehemiah Action Assembly in the spring. Justice Ministry Network Members (JMNs) commit to bring at least three people with them to the Nehemiah Action and attend three other PEACE meetings per year (the Community Problems Assembly in the fall, and the Rally and Celebration in the spring). 

In addition, JMNs are invited to participate in a house meeting in the fall and a network meeting in the early spring to prepare for the Nehemiah Action. Some network members serve on research committees that help move the organization from studying a community problem to developing a winning campaign to address the problem.